So begins my writer’s journey, again

What happened…

Six or seven months ago, I gave up writing for good. But as it turns out, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have unfinished stories, and they sit in the dark corners of my life and call out to me. And I’m a writer, so it begins.

My old websites are all history, and this blog represents a new idea. It’s an invitation: Join me as I walk along the road to fixing up my old books and writing new ones to finish the fantasy series known as The Sun Child Chronicles. And brand new stories, too, in brand fantasy worlds.

Some of you may remember the first four SCC books. Key of Behliseth, Wraith Queen’s Veil, Ciarrah’s Light, and Dragon’s Rise. If you don’t remember or have never seen them, here you’ll find a little info about The Sun Child Chronicles. Maybe you also remember hearing about book 5, Kaynenh’s Triad. It was on the way when things went south with the former publisher (no details).

What’s going to happen…

Well, it’s still on the way. Or I should say it’s on the way again, with plans for books 6 and 7 after that. And yes, the earlier books may get a bit of a nip and tuck, too. I don’t yet have a plan for publication—as my post title says, my journey is beginning (more or less), and I will have choices.

What’s happening now…

In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear from you. Do you remember the series? Whether you have or haven’t, what would you like to know about the books, the characters, the worlds the stories play out in—or about me and this road I’m on? Or maybe you can just put in a vote, yea or nay on dragons. Just in general. 🙂

But whether you comment or not, thanks for reading, and I do hope you’ll come back again and keep me company as I get a new (sort of) start on my writing journey, bringing Lucky, Han, Thurlock, Rose, Rio, L’Aria, and the rest of the magical cast back to life. (If you’d rather, you can find me on my Facebook page, Lou Hoffmann Books)

Speaking of the characters, meet Han…

…as he describes himself to Lucky (the real star or the show) in this excerpt from book 1:

“Han Shieth is my name, but it’s a title too. Han Rha-Behl Ah’Shieth; that’s the long form, the old language. Rough translation: Wizard’s Left Hand.” He settled back into his seat and crossed his arms. “It refers to a warrior’s shield side. I’m the wizard’s shield.”

“Wizard’s Left Hand,” Lucky whispered, liking the sound. Exciting, like knight of the Round Table, Cheyenne Dog Soldier, captain of the Starship Enterprise. “But what do you do?”

“Sometimes it’s about fighting, but Thurlock doesn’t need a bodyguard. Basically, I deal with things I can handle, so Thurlock is free to do things only he can do.”

“Like in that storm, what you did with your sword?”

“Yes,” Han said slowly, “like that.” He turned to Lucky, grinning, and it changed everything about him. “More often, I make sure he remembers to eat, has clean clothes, and can find his socks.”

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  1. Welcome back my friend! I, for one, am thrilled with this turnaround on your part! When first you announced your “retirement” from writing, I secretly had hoped that after a sufficient amount of time off, you’d end up right here! Yayyy! <3

    1. thanks, Kitty. Also, I thought I had already approved this comment, but apparently it didn’t “take.” Now that you’ve had an approved comment, your comments should show right away. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and your great cheerleading!

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