The Sun Child Chronicles

The books so far… The first four as previously released, with the original covers.

(Remember, these books aren’t presently available, although I do have a few copies legitimately available (comment here or DM me on Twitter if you’re interested). I do have rights to these cover designs, which I do love. There’s a good chance, though, that they’ll have brand new faces once they’re released again, whether self-published or through a publisher.)

Banished. Cursed. Exiled by a witch on his twelfth birthday from a life that seemed full of joy and promise to a world he didn’t know—a world called Earth.


Luccan lost all memory of his childhood, lost everything that day… almost. He still had his first name. And in his pockets, he had talismans: a stone knife, some coins, and an odd-shaped key. People of Earth called him Lucky, but how he survived until his fifteenth birthday—a tale of wonder, wits, and woe—makes him laugh at the name. But that’s only where the story begins.

Luccan has smarts and humor, magic, and the heart of a hero, and if he embraces his destiny and prevails over dreadful enemies, he will someday be Suth Chiell, Sun Child. As such, he can be a light, a beacon to guide his home world, Ethra, through the darkest time in its history.

The rhythm of life’s ordinary days, the small comforts of favorite foods, good companions, and trusted family—these things are part of Lucky’s worlds. But so are dragons, shifters, talismans, spells, alien enemies, and a war waged for the survival of humanity, of worlds.


Read The Sun Child Chronicles: be part of an epic adventure where destiny and discovery reel against a backdrop of shifting time and dying worlds, where the greatest hope is one young man’s unquenchable strength, spirit, and heart.